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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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i*s|            safe


l    WPI                ^it   TO   % WITH   fi 8 1

* All ibat is is aothing aai Is cot really seen ; lord or no lord it Is all
one. Maya is nothing ; Braba is nothing ; ail is false and delusive. The
world is all emptiness ; the egg of Biahmau the sereE d wipas, the nine kkands,
the earfh, tie hearen, the moonf the glorious snn, all, afl are emptiness ; so are
Brahma^ Vishnu, and Maiadeva ; so are Knrma and Seshnag. The teacher
is Bofiangj the disciple nothing ; the e^o and the non et/o are alike nothing. The
temple and the god are nought ; nought is the worship of nought and nought
the prayer addressed to nought ; so know they who are enlightened by the
influence of its GOTO/''

WfffH *Rh                  $   ^R^tf   ^T5T             1

T5R Urn     ^3T TWT

l          . ^iit tn           ^11 tra

sftf             jrar              wr f         g^r i

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ii s i
 The wliole word was disconsolate^ bat is now gladdened for ever by the
of HiMfism : it Is              In Joy and ecstatic delight, drunk with the
wine of perfect knowledge.   I enunciate the truth and doubt not ; I know
prince nor beggar ; 1 court neither ILOEOUT nor reverence ; I take a
friend by fee               seek         other ; "what conies easily I accept and am
; a           mud a thicket to roe are all the same ; the error of mine and
is                  ; nothing is loss, HotMng is gain.   To get such a teacher, of
{he         puts an end to the           of a million of births.   Such a teacher as
Ira now         revaaied^tlia incomparable TMknr Dajm Bam."